15 years ago I studied a Diploma of Entertainment (Costume).  Here are some of the more impressive costumes I made for the course, and for other events during that time. If you click on the pictures you'll find out more information and/or see more photos!  The pages are a bit old but I figured I'd upload them as they were so I can share now, and work on them later when I have more time.  I have done so many costumes since then.  I will slowly update this page

Lady Kristine, an 1860's inspired gown

This was my final female piece for the course

1813 Prussian Leib Hussar
This was my final male piece for the course

A Titanic Evening
This was constructed for a costumed evening out.  

Disney's Queen of Hearts
My boyfriend at the time had a costume party 'Come as your Favourite Villian' so that was my excuse to make one of the costumes I'd always wanted.

Envy the Green Eyed Monster
Part of our course was to make a 'novelty' costume.  This was my original concept for Envy when I first had the idea of the Seven Deadly Sins (below)

The Seven Deadly Sins
A group costume which earned us 'Best in Show' at the Australian Costumers' Guild Annual Ball in 2002


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