Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Preparing for end of year

I decided to go back and find the "My Year is Craft" post from the end of last year, so I could start preparing to do the same for this year.

The last three questions were more about the year ahead so it kind of seems appropriate to follow up on them....

They were:
10. After this year I swear I'll never again...
Over-commit myself for hand made christmas presents... nor leave them till the last minute (hopefully though, I'll never again be moving house two weeks before christmas, and getting carpet down 3 days before christmas).
11. Next year I'm determined to...
Have a stall at a craft market!!  Which means I have to get on with focusing on a few ideas rather than coming up with 5 new ideas per week.
And use up some of my fabric stash.... there are some great fabrics in there which will make wonderful things.
And set up somewhere to take better photos of my work too.
12. But I'll probably do this instead... 
Buy more fabric.... 

So, how did I go?
10. No hand made christmas presents from me this year, but..... I am in a bit of a made dash to finish a baby present for my friends who had a baby last month, who I will be seeing at Christmas and hoping to give it to them then.  I'm hoping I will at least get the quilt top finished so I can wrap it up and give it to them to see, then take it home and finish it.  That way I can 'give' it to them personally even though the final product will be posted.  Just gotta hope that the sashing fabric I've ordered online turns up in time!

11. Didn't have a craft market stall, but I've got a bit of an idea of what I could make now, and my mother-in-law was talking about doing it for some extra cash so maybe we can do it together, feels a bit less daunting that way.
Don't think I've used up any of my fabric stash at all.  Looking over the photos I can't see anything that has been made with existing fabric...
Not sure if my photography work has improved... until that photo of Joe's baby quilt hanging on the cot, but that's only going to work for baby quilts.

12.  Yes, I definitely achieved that!  See here, here and here, plus all the bits I've bought at Spotlight (mostly dress fabrics) that I haven't bothered to blog, AND I'm still waiting on a mail order for the music quilt as mentioned above.

I can't wait till the year is completely over so I can put together a photo of all the craft I've done this year!  Perhaps it hasn't been my busiest craft year, but it's certainly been my most photographed ;)

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