Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Where has the time gone?

After my big catch up post earlier this month I decided I should dedicate to posting once a week.  Saturday and Sunday mornings I usually spend on the computer in the quiet before hubby gets up.  It's also a really good time to do photography as the sun is coming in the family room.

The first weekend came and went, so I decided perhaps fortnightly posts would be more suitable.  Alas a fortnight came and went as well.  The excitement of sitting in one spot and not having to do anything is over-riding the excitement of posting about my craft progress.

I am now posting from work so have no photos, but can give a descriptive update.

The elephant quilt has had the borders attached and been pin basted to the wadding and backing.  I'm going to attempt hand quilting, which I haven't done before, so went out and bought a nice quilting hoop.  I have lost interest a little because it was discovered that there is not enough fabric for binding even though I bought fabric as per the pattern.  The pattern leaves a lot to be desired, there are vague instructions and could have been other fabric shortages if I'd only followed the list on the back and not done the maths myself first....but that is a matter for another time.

I started tracing out the applique shapes for the coffee quilt the other day.  I have found that I need more fabric.  Not for lack of yardage, but because I need some more light value fabrics to make it work.  Hoping to pick up some at the Australian Quilt Convention next weekend.  Also should keep an eye out for some additional backing fabric.  We have one selected but I don't have enough of it so I need to find something to add as a border.  It might be difficult as it's sort of a flannel type fabric but I'm not sure if it is actually a flannel.

The knitted poncho moves along, I've done several more pattern repeats since I last posted.  I think when I posted last I was about 1/3 of the way through the second rectangle, so I might be getting close to 1/2 way soon!

And the little cross stitch made some progress on Saturday.  I have now finished all the mane and started working on the body.  Because I have left holes for the eyes etc, it just looks like a wresting mask to me!!  LOL

I've also made one top for wearing to work and am halfway through another.  Now that I need more clothes to cover the slight (and expanding) bump, this needs to take a priority when ever I am up to standing around and doing things (as opposed to just sitting on the couch).  Sewing clothes used to be so much fun, and I still love it, but the amount of pattern manipulation that has to be done to fit my figure takes a lot of the joy out of it.  For one of the tops I made I've chopped up the bodice piece and it appears to have been successful so hopefully now that the pattern works I can make a few tops out of it for my efforts.

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