Saturday, May 1, 2010

Why I hate dressmaking

Actually I love dressmaking, but even when I don't have an ever-expanding belly, in order to get a vaguely decent fitting garment, I have to turn this:
 into this:
And of course then adjust any facings and the back to correspond.  At least I don't have to mess with the armhole because that sucks.

For my efforts though, I now have these (from two different patterns):

I added fabric to the front of the woven ones so I have more space for my belly, but the knitted ones had a bit of room anyway.  Hopefully they'll last me for a few months.  The brown one was actually a bit of a protype before I'd done the proper pattern adjustment.  I was feeling lazy but realised if I wanted a nice top I'd have to put the work in.  I have fabric to make another like the purple one, but I think now I'm going to work on pants next.

Unfortunately I don't have any old pants I'm willing to cut up to make maternity pants out of so might have to try from scratch.  Otherwise I'll see what the op shops have to offer because I'm taking a tip today.  Also have fabric for trackie pants, but right now I need work/weekend pants that I can wear out.

Also want to have a go at making Megan Nielsen's maternity shirt, so will be looking for a shirt to do that to as well.  I can't pinch one of hubby's shirts because they were all too small for me before I got the big belly.  Damn skinny boys!!

On a separate note, off to the Australian Quilt Convention tomorrow.  I have a small spending allowance because hubby splurged on something last week, and I have a few projects that need some extra fabric so hopefully it will all work out well.  Either way I think I'm bound to see some lovely quilts!

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  1. All of my dressmaking projects are around 80% "I love dressmaking!" and 20% "I hate dressmaking!"



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