Sunday, June 5, 2011

That time again

for more civil war blocks

21 Underground Railway
The fabric selection for this week is left overs from my Wee Folks quilt top.  This block was really fun and easy to make and I love the result, so cute and happy.

22 Blockade
This has become a bit of an 'it'll have to do' block.  After careful planning and double checking I still managed to get two of the flower pieces sideways.  By the time I realised I was not prepared to get up from my sewing machine and cut new triangles.  Also once I uploaded the photo I saw how badly my centre seams matched.  Actually now I look at it again I can see a few more seams which don't match and triangle points which are missing.  Oh, well.  The fabrics this week are from the puppy quilt top which I'm trying to get finished as part of my May challenge.

I really should remember to remove my loose threads before I take my photos.  Did I say that last time as well?

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  1. Both block are wonderful,but I especially love the first one. Your colors and fabric choice are perfect!
    It's amazing what shoes up in pictures. I often find that since I lay things on the floor to photograph them, sometimes I see my toes sticking out at the bottom of the picture or if I shoot outside, you might see a shovel or stack of empty flower pots. At least stray threads are part of quilting!

  2. I love them both - LOVE your color choices! I wouldn't worry about stray threads, I like to include them in all my pics, lol...not intentionally, either, it just happens!

  3. Your CW blocks are very cheerful!!! Once the blocks are quilted in quilts no one will see the odd little character flaw!!!



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