Saturday, June 11, 2011

There's a Puppy in my Sewing Room

The puppy top is finished, just in time for my May Challenge deadline.  I would have had it finished a few days ago except that I attached some of the rows in the wrong order and had to undo them.  I hate unpicking.  If you look closely you can probably see a lot of the loose threads still all over the quilt.

I'm really pleased with the result although I am a little disappointed with the colour relationship between the sashing/cornerstones, and the green print in the nine-patch.  I guess that's what I get for buying fabics online and not being able to lay them all out together before I commit.

And since I never got around to taking a photo of the dinosaur quilt till now, here it is too, creases, loose threads and all!  I might put together a pattern for it later, since it was my own design.

I've now got a month and a half to quilt them.  I have a few other little quilts waiting to be quilted as well (one is waiting for fabric on order) so I might try and have a backing/quilting/binding session soon and get them all done together.


  1. Oh my those are too great - the puppy is really cute and I love the dinosaurs, yes do a pattern!!

  2. They are great kids quilts and I'm sure will be loved despite the fact that you are not happy with some of the greens!



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