Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Civil War in my sewing room

I've fallen very behind in my civil war blocks.  I blame Carolina... she started it!

I cut this block out and started to put it together, only to discover that I'd cut some pieces too big.  So I trimmed them down and continued sewing... to find out that only one of my pieces had been too big, so now one was too small.  She got thrown onto my sewing table in disgust, waiting for me to cut a new piece.

A little while ago, I decided to have another cutting session of my blocks.  Get them all cut out and then when I felt like sewing but didn't know what to do, I could put them together.  That was until I got to Ohio Star, and cut the pieces wrong.  Since I was using left over charm squares, I didn't have enough fabric to just cut new pieces.  Again my blocks were thrown to the corner of the table and left for another day.

Last night became that day....

33 Indiana Puzzle
The fabric selection for this one is just some fabrics which I ordered that week.  Obviously I hadn't done any sewing.  I could have done the curved seams a bit better, but I was being lazy.  I just matched up the starting point, matched up the end point and sort of pushed it into shape in between, no pins.  Didn't come out too badly I don't think.

34 Rosebud
Fabric selection for this week was mostly Block Lotto batik fabrics.

35 Star of the West
This week's fabrics are what I used to make the mini book bag, which was left overs from a few years ago where I had made a bag for my nephew to keep some of his matchbox cars in.

36 Kentucky Crossroads
I love this block.  The fabrics are ones I used for Clucky, and it's interesting the different feel you get when the fabrics are used in different ratios.  The red and yellow were very small parts of Clucky, but in this block they are the main fabrics.

37... I'll get back to you on this one

38 Ohio Star
This was the other fated block.  The fabric selection is left overs from my Scary Squares table topper, and I cut the pieces for the hourglass blocks to small.  At first I didn't know what to do, but then I decided to add borders to the blocks to make them the correct size.  My first thought had of course been to use black, but I like how the coloured borders came out better.  It does change the shape of the star somewhat but that's how new blocks are born!

And what of the fated 32 Carolina Lily?  After sewing on one of the last side pieces, I discovered that the block has warped a little and should have been trimmed down before adding that piece.  So it needs some unpicking, which I wasn't up to at 10:30 last night.

So that brings me up to about September somewhere, only about two and a half months behind....

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  1. Don't feel bad. I am now two months behind on my Dear Jane BOM. I stopped in order to make Christmas gifts and I really don't know when I will get back to them. Ah well.



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