Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Challenge Yourself - November

So October's challenge was to organise a give-away for November.  Stay tuned for that soon ;)

For November's Challenge I want to get my Christmas sewing done.

I haven't given much thought to Christmas yet,  but I want to make a Mollie-Jayne doll for my bub, I have an idea for my husband, we all need Christmas stockings made and I want to make a Santa sack for bub too.

I want to establish a "Santa" tradition which doesn't leave my child(ren) thinking that Santa has a bottomless wallet and a limitless credit card.  We've agreed that all the big presents will come from Mum and Dad, and Santa will leave smaller treats in the sack.  Since smaller presents in the sack wont need to be individually wrapped this also removes the problem my brother has of the older children recognising the wrapping paper  and pointing out that Santa has the same paper as Mum and Dad used last year.  I know my little one is a bit too little to understand all this just yet, but it's good to get these things in place and then stick with it.

So Christmas spirit here I come!  I've always believed that Christmas stuff shouldn't start till December, I'm really not into stores that have decorations up now!  But crafting has to start before then because it takes time to make stuff.  I guess I can't keep pretending that Christmas is months away!

Are you challenging yourself this month?  Are you willing to publicly set a goal?  
It doesn't really matter if you reach it or not because getting half way is better than never starting to begin with.
Link up below if you want join in.

**I was going to find a lovely photo of some Christmas from my past, perhaps my childhood, but I was not able to locate one today.  I'm rather saddened by this fact, although I'm sure that there are some in existence somewhere.  Instead this is a photo of some Christmas fabric from my stash which I believe I bought last year.

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  1. You are SO SMART to start this tradition now! We used to go all out when my boys were small. Then, hubby lost his job, and Christmas really had to shrink. That year, I told the boys that since Jesus only got 3 gifts on His birthday, that was all we'd get too, and they were FINE with that. Santa just left a stocking, while the 3 gifts were from us. It worked brilliantly. Thank goodness, lol.

    I started making things in January, you're so right that crafting takes a long time. When I didn't make anything, but bought everything, I never went out before Christmas Eve. Oh it was so fun, really made me feel like Christmas!



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