Sunday, December 6, 2009

Finally - A new house

We've finally moved into the new house.  We moved enough stuff yesterday to be able to live there now, and have hired a truck to get the rest of it next weekend.  The cat moves this afternoon.

There is no carpet as yet, but we have laminate flooring in the family room so I'll be setting up the sewing machine on our new kitchen table for the time being.  I also managed to find my iron, cutting mats and ironing board in storage so they're now at the house and I can sew properly with my own things!

This is also the reason that I haven't posted the instructions for the Christmas decorations yet, but this week, I promise to catch up!

I have been working on some craft projects though.  Here is a taste of what I'll be posting up in the near future:
Finally did the hand sewing and finished my mother's birthday present
Have cut out most of the fabric for my chess boasrd quilt
Done the machine embroidery on two of the three shirts for my dad's christmas present
I've come up with a easy and quick pattern to make my nephew's promised library bag for christmas (this has been plaguing me for weeks because I promised it but then the vision I dreamed up was quite complicated and time consuming so I had to make a new plan)
Plus there is my neice's toy bag, which I finished a few weeks ago (wasn't going to post because my family is on the 'net and might see it, but in reality, the chance of them finding this is slim)

That's it for now, time to pack up the sewing machine to move it to the new house this afternoon.

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