Sunday, January 17, 2010

Has it really been a week since I last posted?

I've finally done some craft work following Christmas.  Yesterday was my monthly stitch 'n' bitch with my friends so I started working on my NZ fern bag from Kiwi Quilts.

So far all I've got done is the fern panels, but actually I think that's a large portion of the work.  From here on it it's just sewing squares or triangles together!

It's done using paper piecing technique, which I haven't tried before.  I'll document it more when I finish the bag and do a proper write up, but at first it looked fiddly but in the end I think it was rather an easy technique.  I did it using vilene underneath.  I'll have to try another one actually using paper and compare.

This afternoon in a fit of inspiration, I also started work on my idea the Monthly Design Challenge over at  Finki.

I'd had an idea in mind for a few months now, and then when the theme came up as Turning Japanese, it was the perfect motivation I need to get my design happening.  A visit to Lincraft on Friday night to socialise with a friend involved the discovery of the perfect fabric, so then I had no excuse!

So here is a sneek peak.....

Now I just have to make sure and finish it before the end of the month!!

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