Sunday, January 31, 2010

Monthly Design Challenge: Turning Japanese

I'd had an idea a while ago to do fabric origami, I bought an origami book and that's about as far as I'd got.  When Jay announced that her first monthly design challenge theme was Turning Japanese, I figured I'd best get around to doing it.  An innocent visit to Lincraft to socialise with a friend who needed fabric (when I didn't) involved a discovery of the perfect fabic, so then I had no excuses.

I haven't been feeling the best lately so work nights are basically restricted to get home, dinner, sit on the couch, bed.  Not much chance for crafting, so it's happened in fits and starts on the weekends.

But now that it's the end of January, and there will be a new theme coming up soon I figured I'd better hurry up and finish it...

So here it is.... my not-so-paper crane mini-quilt.  Unfortunately I left the photograhpy till too late in the day again, but it hasn't come up too badly.

Head over to Finki and see what other creative people have done with the theme this month.


  1. Hello, i joined in too, it was really fun. Oh, 3D origami sewing, nice work!! Love Posie

  2. I really like your artwork / sewing great work, look forward to seeing what you have in stall for Feb.



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