Saturday, August 20, 2011

Forgive me followers

for I have sinned... it has been 7 days since my last blog post!  It feels like an eternity.

Not much has been happening here on the sewing front because I've had a rather sooky bub this week. I think her top teeth might be coming through.

I did spend some time in the garden today though, so I'll report on 'crafting' of a different sort ;)

We planted out our very first tree/plant in the backyard, a Japanese Maple
Our backyard will be a bit of a slow process as my husband and I want to do it together ourselves, and we're still not sure exactly what we want to do with it.  That's why all the plants are still in pots... until today that is!

Last weekend my husband built the first of my two vege boxes
It's filled so far with regular top soil.  Hopefully tomorrow we'll buy mulch, fertiliser, etc to provide the best growing environment for my plants.  I have some asparagus and raspberries waiting to go in here.  Obviously there is room for lots more but I have to decide what yet.

In the front garden, my first daffodils bloomed this week

My snowdrops have been out and having fun for a while

The ranuculus have been looking beautiful for a while too, although I'm expecting some other colours as well

And my red hot poker is just poking out everywhere!  I've counted 15 flower heads so far

I've nearly finished a Birdie Stitches block, so I should have some craft news for you soon.


  1. So sorry about the teething! I remember those days!
    I've also been "out of commission" this week with a stomach virus, so I've just posted for the first time in 7 days also! Sometimes life just catches up with us!
    Love the garden! I love gardening, but it has been too hot here this summer to do much! Things are just not very happy when the temperatures are over 100 every day for 3 months! Hopefully, the coming fall will bring cooler temperatures.

  2. Nice to get out in the garden, it must be something about Spring that motivates us! I love your flowering plants, such gorgeous colours!!!!

  3. Ouch teething - stick a wet washcloth in the freezer for her gums! Your garden is looking promising!

  4. Nanna Day would be proud of you! You obviously get the green thumbs from her, not me or Dad.

  5. Oh, it's not such a sin! I've found that I've only been blogging on the weekends, which is so unlike me.

    But loving your Japanese maple and your veggie boxes. I can see that you are going to LOVE picking your own veggies for your meals. It's just so wonderful!

    And spring is coming! Doesn't everything look beautiful???




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