Saturday, August 13, 2011

I'm a Desperate Housewife

I finally got around to making some of the other blocks from the Desperate Housewife's Quilt-as-you-wish-along.

The first is 'Evolution' by Jane
The pinwheels are actually blue and pink (not red), my screen doesn't show up the colour very well.

The second is 'Quasar' by Wedding Dress Blue
I really love how both these blocks turned out, and they look even better in the photo, I guess because you have that effect of standing back and seeing them rather than the close up view.  I love the Quasar one so much I'd like to make more of them in the same colours, but all the fabrics came from my scrap bin so I might not be able to get all of them the same.

I've also been working on catching up my Civil War blocks
27 Irish Chain
Fabrics for this one are the Baby Hand Print mini quilt I made, and the fabric I used for the labels on the kids puppy/dino quilts

28 Next Door Neighbor
The background star fabric is left over from my husband's coffee quilt, which I used again the other week to line the wallet I made for his Tablet PC (which is still a work in progress because the design brief changed after I thought I'd finished it!).  The purple, pinky/orange and light green are all from hexies I made, and the darker green is some of the fabric I received from my Mug Rug Swap Adventure II partner.

29 Railroad Crossing
All these fabrics come from my Desperate Housewife's quilt block 'Perspective'.  The background is very dark purple, even though it appears almost black here.  I really love how this block turned out.

30 Peterson's Stars & Stripes
Luckily enough, this week I had red and blue fabrics to choose from to get the American flag effect which is the point of this block.  The red and yellow strips are fabrics I bought at the recent craft show and the blue is the binding off my dinosaur quilt.

31 Empty Spools
Fabrics for this are the backing from my Wee Folks quilt and one of the yellows I used in my block lotto blocks this month.  I cut the fabric really carefully to line up the stripes but then forgot about the seam allowances, so they didn't match up after all.  I don't really like how the block came out at all.  I might get around to redoing later.  Or maybe I wont.

And my final catch up item for tonight is Birdie Stitches.  This is actually the July block, I've skipped over June for the moment, and am now working on August, which is progressing rather quickly thanks to a sooky baby who wants me to sit in the lounge near her while she plays!

I feel so much better after having caught up on all these blocks.  I'm now only one week behind on Civil War blocks by my standards, and my outstanding Birdie Stitches are now down to 1-1/2 from 2-1/2.  Another few things to cross off my August to-do list.


  1. I don't think you are that desperate LOL. They look wonderful.

  2. Your sooky baby certainly doesn't seem to have slowed you down!!! Great quilting!

    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  3. Oooh, I love them all. Gosh, you're just so clever and creative. I always have craft envy when I visit you!


  4. Oh. My! Your quasar block is beautiful. I would want to make more, too. Thank you for sharing. If you would like, and give permission, I would show your block, with credit and a link back, on my blog gallery. Again, nice work.



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