Monday, August 1, 2011

Sore feet and a bag full of goodies...

can only mean one thing.... Day two of the craft show!

It was nice to go a second day, it was more relaxing and there wasn't as much to look at because I'd seen most of it the day before.  I knew where the stands that interested me were and I knew what I was looking for.  Some things I'd seen the day before and wasn't sure about I'd had the chance to think on, and check my supplies at home before buying.

So here is my stash from the day, although I don't remember most of the shops they came from because they no longer seem to hand out a flier with every purchase.  Used to be they all gave you something about their shop, but now they only do it if you ask.

A doll pattern from Kid's Quilts to make for my little girl one day

Melly and Me's "Clucky" pattern, and some wool felt needed for it.  I love how the little chicks fit into the wings on the side.  Going to make this for my girl too, for her first birthday, and will also make one for someone else's first birthday later this year.

And some other random goodies: a 6"x12" ruler, a 12" square ruler, 1/2" hexagon papers, Clover water soluble pencils, a few miniature thread spools for a cute project I saw in a magazine a while ago and some pink crystal chunks so my husband can have a play at making more gem trees.  He made a beautiful one to top our wedding cake and had fun doing it so I've been picking bits up here and there for him to play with more.  I'd really love him to make me a cherry blossom tree.

So that's my bit from the craft show, was going to buy some fabric but couldn't find what I wanted so think I might order that online later today.

Don't forget to check back this afternoon for my Challenge post.


  1. What lovely things you got! The idea of a cherry tree really intrigues me!

  2. Love the Molly-Jane doll pattern, it looks to be a lovely designed doll too!! I have found the second day at a show is more relaxing, that's when you spend more thoughtfully than the first day LOL!!!!



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