Monday, October 31, 2011

Life Drawing

I've had a very busy but un-crafty weekend. My friend had her hen's party on Saturday and yesterday was mostly recovering from lack of sleep, as well as a dress fitting for the bridesmaid dresses.

The only crafty thing I did all weekend was some life drawing on Saturday afternoon. Original plans for the hen's day were to have an at home spa treatment type thing, but in the end the people doing the facials had to leave by 1pm because of another booking so we had to fill in the afternoon with something else. The bride-to-be said that she wouldn't mind a stripper, but in hunting up how much one would cost etc I came across a few places that did life drawing. I decided that staring at naked man for 2 hours was better value for money than 10 minutes of watching a gyrating pelvis! Here are my results for the day

It was a very fun and relaxed experience.  The guy was friendly and chatty.  He said he doesn't do the regular stripping because it's too overt for him, he just does topless waiting and life drawing.  My friend was pleasantly surprised that I'd arranged this rather than a regular stripper, and even happier that I hadn't booked her ex-boyfriend as the stripper (because he now works in this line of business....)!!

And yes, he did drop the robe and show us all his 'bits' I just didn't include that part of my drawing in above collage because I really couldn't do it justice.  Not only does that part of a man look silly, it's also rather difficult to draw!!

I have done some very limited life drawing before.  I started a fashion course which included drawing skills but that was always drawing a person which we copied from a magazine.  The costume course I completed also included a drawing subject but we were always drawing classmates dressed up in odd combinations of clothes, mainly so we could learn about drawing fabric and garment structure as well as the person underneath.  I should spend more time drawing because I do rather enjoy it once I get into it.

How was your weekend?

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