Monday, November 2, 2009

Clegs Success!!

Well mostly... I got my ribbon, but they didn't have black sequins so in my tradition of buying too much I bought a pack of gunmetel, a pack of "moonlight" (black with shimmery colours like fly wings), and a multi coloured pack which contained some black ones.  Now I can try out the different looks and see which I like better.

Also picked up some flesh coloured felt so I can have more fun with making softies tomorrow.  The doll I made yesterday is rather tanned because that's the only colour I had enough felt of without going to the shops.

I managed to get the craft magazines I was after, and because they mostly come in multi packs these days I've ended up with 8 new magazines, and so a whole list of things I want to buy and make.  Maybe I can get a subscription from Santa for Christmas....

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