Sunday, November 8, 2009

Spotlight Adventures

I had a bit of a wander around Spotlight yesterday and picked up lots of interesting things. I got a small bonus in my pay and hubby said it was my money so I should spend it!

I got some sculpy and push moulds of art doll faces so I can have a play with that, haven't done any art dolls before. Got a few different sorts of toy eyes for experimenting, as well as some teddy bear pellets to give toys some weight and a different feel. There is three balls of wool and some wool for felting to experiment with hair styles/types. Plus a few other bits and pieces for dolls.

I also bought supplies for a christmas project I have in mind. I intend to get into that tomorrow as well.

Borders had an online special which ended last night. 20% off and free delivery for books ordered online. I ordered Crafting Cloth Dolls by Miriam Gourley and Doll Fashionistas by Ellen Lumpkin Brown.  Both look like they've got really in depth and details techniques.  Doll Fashionistas I had a flick through at a book shop, and Crafting Cloth Dolls I found someone you'd posted some pictures of the pages so got to see the inside.  Really looking forward to getting both of them!

Tomorrow will be a crafting day so I intend to have interesting things to share at the end of the day!

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