Monday, November 2, 2009

Lincraft frustrations

A frustrating day at Lincraft. The store was already crowded because of the 30% off sale, but I was expecting that. The frustrating part was that they didn't have half the stuff I wanted.

No cotton voile at all, no hot pink ribbon in multiple sizes (they had the perfect colour in one size, then lots of the wrong colour in various sizes), no black domed 8mm sequins (only had big hologram type ones... not suitable for doll's eyes), and to get the size press studs I wanted in silver I had to buy a big multi pack (they had them on their own in black but not silver).

I did get the wool I need for doll's hair, and some pretty lace for her dress.

And now I've got blue finger tips from carrying the bag as I power walked it back to work to try and get back from lunch on time.

So looks like I'm going to Clegs after work in the hunt for ribbon and sequins. Would be nice to get everything I want so I can do more relaxing sewing tomorrow.

On the plus side, their magazines were also covered by the 30% off everything sale so I managed to get the current copy of Australian Homespun magazine at a discount, so I can read the bit on Audrey and Maude. Now I just have to grab a copy of Patchwork and Stitching.

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