Saturday, November 21, 2009

I've been inspired

After seeing You SEW Girl's great summer dress, I wanted something that was as cool and comfy as her dress looked.  As much as I loved the simple shape on her dress, I knew that style doesn't look as great on me so I went hunting for patterns.  Of course all the patterns that I have spent my life collecting and I love are... all in storage... so that meant I had to buy a new one (oh dear, what a shame).

I've found about half a dozen patterns that I want now.  Most of them are around the $18 mark so I'll be waiting till someone has a pattern special for those.  For this weekend I settled on New Look 6779.  It has a fairly simple shape, but hopefully enough shape to look decent over my "shapely" bust and spare tyre.

So then the hunt was on for fabric.  Shorting after getting into Lincraft I found an awesome retro style purple/black/light grey print. Then I was stuck as to what to use as a contrast.  I would have loved to use purple but of course getting exactly the right shade of purple was never going to happen.  There was always black but I felt bad choosing black because I'm still trying to get over my "everything must be black" mindset.  So I sat and looked at pattern books and waited for my Creative Consultant (my hubby) to arrive.

He agreed that black was probably the best option, then found a lovely cotton lace style fabric (I'm sure it has a proper name but I can't remember now).  Then we had to decide what to back it with, since I didn't really want the peek-a-boo effect when bra straps were involved.  We settled on plain black so it gives more of a texture look rather than a lace look, but the black isn't quite as deep so it will show up the lace quite nicely.

The lacey fabric was a bit dearer than I'd planned to spend, but it will be a good dress that looks funky, that I can wear to work on hot days.... and if I finish it today then I can also wear it to the party we have tonight which is a purple and black theme!

On a mostly unrelated note, I can't wait to move into the new house and actually be able to get enough light to take a photograph without needing the flash!  Looks like we might get the keys this week though, so almost there!  Just have to wait till carpets etc are done before we can actually move house.


  1. ALways happy to inspire!! :)

    Good luck with the dress (I hope it doesn't need as much tweaking as mine did!) and enjoy the party.



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