Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Challenge Yourself - April

This month I've decided my challenge will have nothing to do with craft!  Can you believe I have other aspects to my life??

My challenge is:
  • To exercise every day of the week except Sunday.  I can still do some on Sunday if I choose, but I'm allowed to have the day off if I want.
  • Avoid sugary treats.  This is mainly aimed at biscuits, chocolate, ice cream and other desserts
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I really need to do something about getting rid of my 'mummy tummy' and getting my joints working properly again, so this is my first step.  I've sort of been doing it already, so hopefully  now I can commit to doing it all the time.

The exercise one is easy to define, I know when I'm doing exercise and when I'm not.  For my purposes at this stage exercise can be anything that is at least 10 minutes of walking.  This means that walking to the bus stop counts!  At this stage it's more about the movement and the habit than serious calorie burning.  I am also trying to go swimming once a week, and I have been making use of my WiiFit again.

The sugar one is a little more vague.  I don't want to say that I wont eat any, because that will never happen.  I just want to make sure that they are reserved for 'treats' rather than every day, which they had become.  I guess I'll just go with my idea of having less and see where I end up.

As for my March challenge, I almost got there.  My challenge was to have three sellable items complete, not needing any 'tweeking'.  I have one completely finished and it is the beginning of my 'stock' pile.  I have another which is almost right, since completing it I've had a bit more practice and am sure it will be prefect next time.  The one I did make can probably still go in the bottom of the 'stock'.  The third item I made was something I made for our house which I realised I can sell!  So the one I made isn't stock, but the item is definitely marketable.  Is that vague enough for you ;)  I like to keep some things surprises.

Are you prepared to take the challenge this month?  Add your link here if you're joining in.


  1. I'm not quite ready for another challenge, but I admire you for doing this. My sister is on a diet where she eats "nothing white" (sugar, flour products, potatoes, rice). She has no sugar (even if it is not white) and no bread. The one thing that saves her from giving up is that on Saturdays, she can have absolutely anything she wants. She starts out the day by baking something chocolate.
    Good luck to you! I know you can do it!

  2. Ugh I need to do this too - my attendance at the Y has been far too sporadic lately.

  3. Cheering you every step along the way! It's hard going, but if we get this habit started, we can actually keep it! And knowing you've done it before is incentive to know you can do it again.

    After all, you deserve it!




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