Sunday, April 17, 2011

Have you see this bag?


Some people really make me wonder what is wrong with the world.

I always feel a certain amount of safety at events like craft shows because I think I am surrounded by like-minded people, but obviously a few people will go to the trouble of coming to these things just for the sake of stealing (did they perhaps sneak in and not pay the entry fee either?).

If you spot Nikki's bag anywhere, let her know.

Thanks to Curlypops for the html for the above image.  Jump to her blog and pick it up to help spread the word.


  1. It seems it is always the one out of a thousand who spoil things for the whole group. (Like air travel. It only takes the fear of having one terrorist out of thousands and thousands who are honest, good people to make flying miserable.)
    I hope Nikki's bag resurfaces and the thief gets caught!

  2. That is just ROTTEN - I hope it comes home safe and sound! ARGH.



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