Sunday, April 24, 2011

Weeks and months keep slipping by

And more Birdie and Civil War blocks are complete.

Civil War block 15 is Fort Sumter.
The centre nine patch represents the Fort surrounded by blue water and the red is the lines of fire from the shore.  I think this is the first time I've done a square in a square block and I quite like the look.  The fabric choices for this week are made up of fabrics I bought from AQC, and some others which I found in my sewing room whilst I was doing some tidying up.  I'm really liking that leafy pattern in the centre, and luckily the fat quarter I bought contains the selvedge with the name on it so I *might* be able to obtain some more.

Block 16 is White House
I did the pinwheel the wrong way around on this.  Of course I didn't realise until I went to press the pieces and had already cut the fabric.  Oh, well, in the grand scheme of things, no one will know, and I'll probably even forget by the time I come to make up a quilt with these.  The fabric choices are my friend's birthday present which I'm working on at the moment (and can't show you because she reads this.... you'll just have to wait!), and the red is the same as the previous block because in needed an extra colour.

The next block needs blue, so I guess I'll have to make sure I work on something blue this week.  What a good excuse to start cutting out my nephew's dinosaur quilt.

Birdie Stitches Block 4
I've started to mix up the colours on these a little from what Little Miss Shabby does, which quite a few other people are doing as well. I like the effect. I might have to go back and change some of the earlier blocks so that they look right compared to the newer blocks.  I'm still trying to stick to the basic idea though, because I feel I have to have some respect for the person who has designed the picture.  I'm loving these blocks, they're so cute and colourful.  I hope my daughter likes birds, since at the moment this is destined to be her quilt.


  1. How nice to make your friend a birthday quilt using these blocks!
    It will have a bright scrappy look and I'm sure will be appreciated! I also love your little embroidered blocks for your daughter, she will love these, they are so cute!!! perfect for a little girl!!

  2. Those blocks are wonderful - I'm really loving the colors! Love the Birdie Stitches block too, I still need to start mine, yipes!



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