Thursday, April 21, 2011

Mug Rug Swap Adventure!

I'm rather behind in my blogging.  I've been doing quite a bit of embroidery work, so lots of time on the couch and less in the sewing room, and less finished results to show you.  Also I've been doing some reorganising.  Lots of fun, but not very productive in the sense of having things to show

The other week though, I did finish my mug rug for the Mug Rug Swap Adventure.
Photo courtesy of Peg from Happy in Quilting
I forgot to take a photo of it before I posted it!  Silly me!  I didn't know where to start with ideas, but then I discovered that Peg listed in her interests 'collecting green depression glass', so I decided that would be a fun theme.  Only to discover I didn't have any of the right shades of green fabric.  Oh, dear, what a shame, I had to buy more fabric!  I decided for the background fabric I wanted to pick something a bit 1930's.  I really have no idea how 1930's fabric is defined, but I liked the look of what I chose.  The background/binding colour combination is not something I would normally do at all, but somehow it just worked for me so I went with it.

This was my first ever mug rug, and my first ever bloggy swap.  I think I'm hooked!

In return I got this lovely mug rug from Peg

I had seen a photo of it on her blog earlier this month and secrety hoped it might be my mug rug.  The colours are lovely and the applique so cute.  Guess I'll have to make some cupcakes now!

And not only did I receive this lovely mug rug, but look at all the other goodies that came in the parcel.  I was a little overwhelmed!
Obviously I'm going to have to lift my form a little in this swap game ;)

More blogging to come soon, I went to the AQC last week so have to fill you in on that, and I'm sure I'll get around to photographing my music quilt soon.


  1. The mug rug that you made for me was perfect take the time and find out my other likes totally touched my heart....I am pleased you liked my little bag of was a fun swap and so pleased that you were my partner....Peg xxx

  2. You did a beautiful job with the mug rug you sent Peg! I'm sure she's thrilled. And wow, what a haul you brought in!

  3. Lovely mug-rug, you did well to emulate the green depression glass!
    You did well from your swap partner!!

  4. I saw that mug rug over on Peg's blog, you did a marvelous job - so pretty! Love the one Peg sent too. I'm doing a lot of hand-quilting right now, lots of stitching but nothing to show either, lol.



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