Sunday, May 22, 2011

Busy little beaver

or so it seems (sew it seams?).

I went to edit the photos I've been taking and realised how many there are since I last posted!  There are some I can't share yet because people might see ;)  but I have been busy doing things.

First I finished the last of the Retro Nine Patch blocks
I had an 'oops' moment with this one too, I'd done the flower buds the wrong colour, so some unpicking was involved but it was soon recovered.
Here they all are together
Can't wait to get on and sew them all together now, although I haven't even thought about what fabric I'm putting with them.  I guess I'm waiting for Lyn to tell us what we're doing.

I've caught up on the last two Civil War Blocks.  I've fallen into a pattern of doing them in pairs, which works for me.  I'm just determined to get them finished by the Saturday night when the new one comes out.

19 Missouri Star

20 New England Block
The blue/tan fabrics for both of these are from my dino quilt and the red/pinks are from belated Mother's Day gifts* (except the white which I just used because I needed an extra colour).  After making the challenge to myself to finish the dino and puppy quilt tops within a month, I sat down and finished the dino one last weekend.  I haven't managed a photo of it yet because I need to lay it out or hang it up, plus we've had rather grey days recently, not brilliant for photos.

It might be some time before I can share photos of the Mother's Day pressies because my mum reads this blog and I am not sure yet when I will see her next to give her the gift.  Wouldn't want to spoil the surprise ;)

And the other photo I pulled off my camera is another gift which I haven't gifted yet, so can't share, but you should get to see that in a day or two.

*It's not that I'm really slack with Mother's Day, it's just that my family don't get hung up on dates so we exchange gifts when we next see each other rather than pay for interstate postage.  Consequently I didn't get around to making Mother's Day presents till now because I knew there was no rush

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  1. LOVE the retro blocks - they look wonderful! I'm sure you won't have a problem finding a great fabric to go with them. Your blocks look great, congrats on finishing your dino quilt!

  2. Your retro nine patch embroideries are just gorgeous, they look wonderful sitting together!!! I think you have done very well with them!!!
    I also like you refreshing take on Barbara Brackman's BOW's!!! I have just finished this weekend's one earlier today, it was a real easy one to do!!!



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