Thursday, May 12, 2011

Challenge Yourself - May

So last month's challenge was a bit of a fizzer.  Prior to the challenge, I'd be doing exercise on most days.  For the two weeks following that post I didn't do a scrap of exercise!  I hope I'm back on track now though... better get out there tonight and do some ;)  I wont dwell on it though, that's not the point of this.

So on to May!  I'm getting back to crafty challenges now, and I have two.

Challenge #1
I want to finish the quilt tops for the puppy and dino quilts by this time next month.
I've made a good start by getting on with the pieced blocks.  I've finished all the full nine patch blocks for the puppy, and have half completed the pinwheel blocks for the dino.

Once I finish a quilt top, it usually sits for a little while before I end up quilting it, so if I can finish these quilt tops by mid June, that gives me two months before they have to be completely finished.

Challenge #2
I want to write a blog post twice a week for the next month.  I've been a bit slack with my blogging and I feel like I've done nothing for ages.  My blog is a journal of my work.  When I want to see what I've done recently I come here to find out.  Lately I haven't written much so consequently I feel like I haven't done anything.  In actual fact I've been working on some projects I can't share (the dilemma of having all your friends and family follow your blog), or I've been working on things which are half finished so I don't think to blog about them.

If I haven't been working on anything to talk about, it's the perfect opportunity to develop some of my ideas and think out loud.

So expect to see more of me in the coming weeks than you have in the past few!!

Add your link below if you want to join in with your own challenge.


  1. We've been slack on the exercising too - my son hurt his eardrum and so I've been keeping him out of swimming, which is the main reason we go. However, he COULD do the cardio room, so I really have no excuse.

    I think both your challenges are do-able. I'm kind of slack on blogging too when I don't have anything to show. I have started a couple of new things though, so I hope I have something soon, lol!

  2. Karen, sometimes it is a bit of dilemma on what to post. Started, half-finished, or finished LOL!!! I started out posting twice a week, now I find that once a week does me, it gives me time to get my projects in some sort of order and I get more time in the sewing room!! I'm trying to cut down on computer time too, but that is really hard!!! Just do what you can, I enjoy reading you blog no matter how frequently you post!!!

  3. Your quilt sure looks divine. And it's hard to stay focused when you have kids and so many other things to coordinate. But good for you to make time for you and exercise. I think it's great that you're focused and trying to stay that way!

    Well done, you!




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