Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Thank you Mr Postman

I have been rather slack in my blogging lately haven't I?  I promise to do better.

I had to share today though, because a couple of weeks ago I won a giveaway on Me and My Sister Designs blog.  It is this awesome book, which arrived in the post today
Photo courtesy of Me and My Sister Designs
I've always loved novelty fabrics, I think it's what first drew me into quilting fabrics and I'm still a sucker for them (although recently I've been learning to appreciate the more plain fabrics that you need to make the novelty ones stand out).  This book shows some great ways to use them and show off different sizes/styles of prints such as 'tossed' vs 'directional' etc.  It also included a pattern using a quilt panel, and some cushions using different size novelty prints.

I think my favourite one is actually one of the most simple.  It's called Island Dreams
Photo courtesy of The Quilted Fish
I just love the way that the images on the fabric are so clear and really highlighted by the white sashing.  I think I might have to give this one a go with some of the novelty fabrics I have.  Just hope I have enough with the same theme that it works.

So thank you to Pat Sloan for the lovely book, and to Barb and Mary of Me and My Sister Designs for hosting the giveaway, and also for your endless supply of beautiful fabric.

Also in the mail recently I received a surprise gift!

It is a tissue cosy and a lovely handmade card from Steph over at Mon Petit Poppet to say thank you for contributing to her Hope Softies.  It reminds me of sheets from my nanna's (it is made of vintage sheets), which has a feeling of daggy old fashioned, lovely vintage, and childhood memories of holidays visiting grandparents all in one go.  And I get to carry it around in my bag with me all the time!  A lovely little emotional bubble every time I dig into my handbag looking for something.


  1. The Island Dream quilt is a lovely way to use feature/novelty fabrics, it allows the prints to shine using a plain setting and sashing!!!
    Hope to see your creation soon!!!

  2. What a great book - I love that Island Dreams pattern, I think I have some tropical fabrics I could use - hm - another big quilt in my future, lol! How sweet of Steph to send you that, it's darling!

  3. Oooh, I must say I love a bit of white space on a quilt, on a drawing, in a picture... anything actually. So, yes. You have my wholehearted agreement on that!

    And forgiven on the blog slackness. I feel your pain and constantly feel like I am not on top of my reading and commenting. I love it and miss it when I can't squeeze it in. I don't want to miss out on my favourite bloggers (ie. you)! xx



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