Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Meet My Mum

(or Mom for my American readers!)

My mum has decided to enter the world of blogging to help keep me and others up-to-date with her sewing and camping adventures.

Head on over to Outback and in the Sewing Room and see what she's been up to.

Mostly her craft involves garment making or other sewing crafts, and loom knitting.  Her camping adventures involve a 'space ship' (a sales guy at Toys'r'us thought it was the coolest thing he'd ever seen!) on the back of a truck travelling over lots and lots of dirt road.

I had hoped to find a picture of her out camping but it appears she is always behind the camera.  I figured the above photo of us together was the next best thing.

And just to prove that outback and sewing can mix, here is a photo of the mini quilt I made her specially for taking camping (which you can read more about here)!

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  1. Hello Karen's mum! I'm going to go follow her - I love the IDEA of camping, just can't cope with the reality, lol. LOVELY pic of you and your mum!

  2. I followed your "mum". My husband and I have an RV and we enjoy going off for weekends together. I take my quilting with me, of course!

  3. Good for your Mum to start her own blog!!! I'll have to go over and give her a visit!!!

  4. Hello Karen, welcome to your Mum into blogland.....Warm Regards, Lyn



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