Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My sewing space

Pink Chalk Studio are having a "Where I sew" month, with a linky party, so it's the perfect opportunity to show you my sewing space.  Consider these 'before' photos as the room needs a complete redesign.  Hubby and I have been throwing around ideas of how to use the space better so I can fit my computer in there too, which will become a necessity in a few years time when the study is needed as another bedroom.

This is looking into the doorway at my bookcase.  Hanging on the wall is my 'design wall'.  It's really only big enough to put mini-quilts and orphan blocks, but it does help with putting fabrics next to each other and being able to step back.  The step in the wall behind the bookcase is the wardrobe for the room, which is full of costumes.  As you can see, there is a lot of stuff on the floor.
I actually had a photo of the inside of the wardrobe once but I can't find it now.  We had to empty the wardrobes for the painter to touch up a few things, and everything in there is so well packed that I wanted to remember how it went in before I took it out.  So I just took a photo and was then able to replace everything so it fitted again!

And this is my sewing space.  It's oddments of furniture I've picked up during my life.  The white cupboard was the kitchen pantry from my first apartment.  The black shelves were for my TV in the first room I had living in Melbourne.  The box shelves (under the pink crates) were originally bought for clothes in the bedroom.
The curtains are the make-shift ones until we work out proper curtains (we have only been living here a little over 18 months).  I think actually all I need is a curtain rail, because I'll use some curtains I had from a previous rental house (actually they're the purple thing on the floor in the background of the first photo).

This is the other side of my sewing space.  The peg board is rather under-utilised at the moment, as are the shelves.  They were supposed to be shelves for me to put trinkets and decorations on but they've just become extra storage space for now.  I would like to decorate the room, but space is at a bit of a premium... even just plain wall space for art.  We're hoping to more of these shelves in later as I have lots of little things that could go up there.
Hiding behind the overlocker (if you go to the larger view of the image) you can just make out my kitty ;)  This is a favourite sleeping spot of hers because it is right under a heating vent.

I've been looking at all the other links over at Pink Chalk Studio and have definitely found some inspiration for a new sewing space, but of course it's about making them fit into my space.   I guess it's one of those things that will develop slowly.

My sewing room looks so much messier in those photos.  It always feels a lot more organised than it looks!


  1. I am in the midst of talking of redoing my space. I just don't have enough room anymore. I need a whole house just for my quilting and the business end of selling patterns.

  2. You have a great room for your sewing, wish mine was as big!!!



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