Tuesday, July 26, 2011

So Far Behind.... BUT!!

I've finished!!!
The kid's quilts that is.

I might be behind in my Civil War Blocks, have a tutorial to write for Jane's Desperate Housewife's Quilt, and have some patterns to write for my June Challenge, but these cuddly quilts are now in the post on the way to my niece and nephew for their birthdays.
My nephew's birthday isn't till September, but since they were both getting the same thing I decided to send them together, with a note saying he can choose to open his at the same time as his sister, or he can wait till his birthday.
I went with straight line quilting 1/4" in from the block seams to make it easy, and also quilted inside each section of the puppy, plus around the dinosaurs using my new open-toe free-motion foot.  She's a beauty and I'm glad I bought her.  Was a treat to myself the other week when I had time for browsing in the shop.
photo courtesy of here 
The labels on the back where both made in the appropriate foot print, and both quilts have flannel backings for cuddly-ness.
I machine stitched down the binding from the front so they are more durable in the wash (and in play).  I have machine sewn binding before but wasn't very impressed with the results.  These quilts though, came up really well and I think I will use this method again, not only for it's wear factor but also the speed in construction factor!  I had both bindings sewn down within an hour (they'd been attached the day before).

They did finish up very cuddly, and I wish I could be there when the presents were opened, but I guess I just have to wait to hear how they liked them.

Now I have lots more catching up to do, but I'm still doing paid work so time in the sewing room is limited.  One advantage is that I'm earning lots of spending money for the Craft and Quilt Fair this weekend.  Expect a post with lots of goodies soon after !

Oh, and whilst I was taking photos of quilts, I had a little helper:
And the sun was so nice outside I got a photo of my red hot poker plant too


  1. Oh they are darling!!! I LOVE the footprint quilt labels! I have to try doing the binding like that, I did it once but on a small quilt. The trouble is, I enjoy hand-stitching the binding on the back, lol.

    Such an adorable little helper you have!

  2. Those quilts are both beautiful, but I especially like the dinosaur one!
    And love the extra photos of your helper and the hot poker flower!! :)

    Thanks for linking to a Round Tuit!
    Hope you have a great week!
    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  3. Karen the children's quilts are just lovely, you did a beautiful job and I'm sure they will be much treasured!!!!



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