Saturday, July 2, 2011

This week I'm grateful for....followers

not the kind of 'sheep' followers who don't know what to do unless you do it first, but the kind who follow blogs!

And more importantly, the commenters.  I have some lovely ladies who comment on almost all my blog posts.  I do try to reply personally to comments, but sometimes it just gets too much, and sometimes there isn't really anything more to be said than 'thanks for the comment'.

So here I am saying thank you for all the lovely comments, from the regular commenters and the sometimes commenters.  I really appreciate the words of encouragement, and it's nice to know that someone else is reading.

What's making you smile today? Go on over to Maxabella Loves and add your I'm Grateful For post to the list  then pop over to visit other bloggers who are spreading a little sunshine.


  1. Ditto to this! Love commentors (makes me feel like someone is actually reading and getting what I am on about) and love followers! Had a wee squeal myself this week cause my number clicked over to 50!

  2. I know what you mean Karen! I'm grateful to have followers too LOL!!! That someone else would be interested in my sewing/quilting journey!
    It's nice to be inspired and be inspiring to others!! It's a miserable day here rainy and cold and I'm off to work soon (no rest for nurses!), I hope you have a lovely weekend!!!

  3. I agree with you and the two comments before me! It is exciting to have someone else take the time to read what you've written or comment on what you've made. It is a way of being "validated", especially for those of us living where there might not be a lot of other quilters.
    I feel that commenting is a form of encouraging and we all need all of that we can get! Sometimes I don't have time to say more than a couple of words, but I hope that even those few words will convey that I appreciate your effort and I value what you accomplish!

  4. I like to comment and I like to read everyone I follow but it gets really hard to do both that and thank and respond to all the people who comment on mine!!

    It is really a joy to have people reading and feeling enough to comment.

    Thanks for your thanks, and right back atchya!! ;)

  5. Hi Karen....I really agree with u...our followers feel sometimes just like our second family...its been a year since Ive been blogging and I m absolutely in love with it..and when u know that there are 'some lovely few' followers who are eager to hear from u, and comment ( rather talk) to u and support u, thats the best u could ask for in the form of followers and friends:)
    from Grateful for~ Aakriti

  6. I agree, Karen, it's ALL about the conversation, isn't it!? How else do we really know that anyone is there? x

  7. Followers and comments is something I am grateful for, too. Otherwise it just feels like you are sending words into the great unknown and no one cares...

  8. I agree, comments are great. It lets you now that the people who signed up to follow your blog also read it.. :o)
    hey, we're blogdesign-siblings! ^^

  9. Hi Karen! Oooh, me too! It's so nice to have followers but it's the comments I love even more. If I don't get any I don't worry too much. Blogging, for me, is my outlet but I love it even more if I know someone is reading what I've written and they get something from what I've shared.

    I'm grateful, actually, that I've stumbled across your blog because I would love to quilt and I'll be interested to see what you come up with (and more importantly how you manage with a young child - mine are 6 and 4 and I don't find much time for sewing).

    Anne @ Domesblissity

  10. Hello there, I do agree, it's lovely to get to know people and have lots of toing and froing. I've been surprised that on my blog the info I post about good places to go with kids don't attract comments even though they get many more readers via Google. Maybe only other bloggers are commenting. Not to worry anyway, it's great to meet you via Maxabella's Grateful.

  11. I sure do agree. After all, we don't really blog for ourselves. It's all about sharing. And realising that we aren't so dissimilar after all.

    Phew ;) xx

  12. Understand totally Karen..Blogging to me is about sharing and I too endeavour to reply to my lovley comments..I will admit I get a td miffed at some blogs that don't reply to any comments-aww well that's life..cheers Vickie



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