Friday, July 29, 2011


Here is that post I mentioned that I found in my drafts and had forgotten to post.  It's over a month old now, but we all love looking at fabric ;)

I buy lots of fabric, but mostly I buy pre-cuts.  I'm loving charm packs for their affordability, and I always bring home a bag full of fat quarters from craft shows.

This leads to a problem when I make a quilt because I don't have any fabric for backing or bindings.  I know I can do pieced backings and scrappy bindings, but sometimes you just want one big piece of fabric.  I most recently came across this when making my Wee Folk quilt.  I had to order some yardage of the fabric line, so decided that I'd buy up on some half and full yard lengths of fabric (to make the most of my international postage charge) so I have a stash of backings and bindings.

These all came from Skye Reve Fabrics.  I just love to see the way that different people package their orders.  Some come in zip lock bags, some come in individual bags, some come in one big bag.  Natasha wraps hers in paper ribbons!  So beautiful.  Plus she included two extra charm squares.  Who doesn't love a freebie?
There are quite a few stripes in there because I'm constantly inspired by the striped bindings of Red Pepper Quilts, so I thought I'd have a go myself.

Some of the fabrics in there match up with charm packs I have waiting to be used, but others were just fabrics that I liked.  There is a mix of Moda, Michael Miller and Riley Blake (and maybe some others) and it was interesting to see the different 'feel' of all the fabrics.  Can't wait to get in and use them, of course the first will be the Wee Folks quilt, which is the bottom fabric in the first photo.

And since I'm talking fabric, here is some more fabric porn for you.
Sophie has published the fabric guidelines for the next three months of Block Lotto, so I picked some up the other day while I was at the fabric store.  The basic guidelines for the three months are brights, African Violets, and batiks, so you can see a bit of each of them in there.... can't wait to see what blocks Sophie has picked for these months.  I'm loving that block lotto challenges me with fabric choices.  Even though I sometimes/often have to buy new fabrics for them, I only have to buy a small amount and I need fabric that I wouldn't otherwise select.  Of course I don't have to make any blocks if I don't want, but sometimes it's fun to step outside your comfort zone.


  1. Man, I wish I could just reach through the computer and pet all those, lol! Beautiful!

  2. Wow! Karen, you have a wonderful selection of fabrics there!! I see you are definitely not afraid of colour either!!! I look forward to seeing what do you with these!!!



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