Monday, September 5, 2011

It pays to keep a messy house

Recently Amitie rang a giveaway, and they asked for tips on how to juggle life's tasks.  Random selection didn't pick me as a winner, but they decided to offer a second prize and picked me as their 'favourite comment'.  And my tip to juggling all life's tasks?

"I think my survival tactic is: don't do the housework!! I only do things that need doing, hence we have a walk-in-robe that you can't walk in because there are clean clothes all over the floor and stuff like that.

Means I'm a lot more sane!"

So now I'm the happy little owner of a jelly roll (or jelly-flat because it came as flat strips for easy postage) of Robert Kaufman's Treasures and Titbits 

Also recently I received an order from the Fat Quarter Shop of some Kona Solids charm squares, plus Kate Spain's Terrain and Me & My Sister Design's Amelia

The Aussie dollar is doing really well at the moment so it's great to order stuff from the US, but it's taking AGES, apparently because customs is overloaded with people buying online.


  1. Lovely fresh fabrics there Karen, congratulations on your win!!!

  2. Oooh, love your attitude about cleaning. That is definitely the way my husband thinks! Mind you, after being married to him for 10 years, I'm finding that I'm not wasting time on things that aren't quite necessary.

    So, getting in the time to do things that I really enjoy.

    Congratulations on the favourite comment and jelly, er, flats!




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