Sunday, September 18, 2011

My little girl is one

Well, she will be tomorrow, but we did the 'party' celebrations today so that dad would be home to join in.

I made her a cake and daddy helped to decorate it (most of it is still left so feel free to come over and taste some ;)

I was rather impressed with the outcome.  I had the idea for the marshmallow flowers out of my cake book and then thought it would look nice with vine-y/branches in between so the artistic husband learnt how to use the icing tube and away he went.  I also found a tub of sugar butterflies in the cupboard and put them all around the sides.  The blocks were his idea to use up the left over cake where we'd cut out the number and he did the decorating on them.

I had decided that I'd better start practicing with these cakes so by the time she is old enough to care about what the cake looks like I'll actually be half decent.  After today's effort I don't really think I've got much to worry about!  I'm a little sad now that there weren't more people to see the cake (just us and my best friend with her soon to be husband).

There was a low point to the day unfortunately.  As her handmade present, I'd made her Clucky by Melly & Me.  As soon as I saw the pattern I knew I wanted to make it.  Most of my evenings recently have been spent in the sewing room getting it finished in time.  I was so excited to give it to her this morning that I forgot to take photos beforehand.  She loved it.  The surprise on her face when she discovered that the little chicks came out was wonderful.

The downside?  Because she is one, everything goes into her mouth.  I found out the hard way that the embroidery thread I had used for the eyes was not colour fast (despite it saying so on the wrappings).  Two of the chicks are completely ruined with black dye running over them.  A third is not as bad and I can salvage the wings, the fourth hadn't made it to her mouth.  I'll now have to re-make three little chicks before I can let her have it again.  She cried when I took them away from her, I felt so bad.

So now my problem is that I need to find some guaranteed colour fast thread to embroider the eyes with.  Any suggestions?  What do you use?

I've emailed the company in question about their thread, and will let you know their response (if I receive one).


  1. You might try using a paint pen instead of the embroidery. It is colorfast when set with an iron. I have used one successfully before.
    She is adorable, by the way!!! And great job on the cake!!

  2. Happy Birthday to your beautiful little girl!!! Oh what a DARLING. Don't you just love those little footie pj's? I think the cake turned out just beautifully, almost too good to eat! I'll take a BIG piece. *G*

    Wow, I can't believe in this day and age the embroidery thread ran....was it DMC? That's all I ever use. I've never had a problem with it, and I know I've used black before. What kind did you use?? The little stuffie is precious!

  3. What a gorgeous little birthday cake! You both did a great job with the decorating! Sorry can't help you with your embroidery thread question, but your first commenter suggested paint pen, maybe that is a good idea!!

  4. Oh Karen, that cake is just AMAZING! You did so great, and I have no doubts about your abilities as the years go on! She is just adorable. Love your photos! (I know you will find some material that doesn't run soon.) That Clucky is so cool!

    Happy Birthday Lovely Girl!


  5. Karen, that is such a shame about the thread running.. I am about to make that pattern, and I use DMC. can you let me know what yours was so I don't make the same mistake.. Your little girl is adorable..



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