Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Another Cluck

Now that I've recovered from my near disaster with the first Clucky, I've finally got around to starting the second one for a friend's one year old.

I also did some curtain sewing on the weekend so decided to tidy up my sewing room and use my Monster machine for the first time in ages.  Since it was all cleared, I also used it tonight for Clucky.

I'd forgotten how much I love sewing with my Monster (so named because I've moved house five times since buying him and I know what a monster he is to move).  He's fast, accurate, responsive and just all out powerful. I guess he's my version of a hotted up power tool!  LOL

My little Brother is a lot easier to use when I need to change thread colours frequently, and of course needed for anything other than straight sewing, but I'd fallen into the habit of always using the Brother because the chair was there and everything was ready to go.

I'm hoping to get back into some garment construction soon, so my Monster should be getting a bit of a workout!  Maybe after that I'll be in the habit of using him for all my straight line sewing.

1 comment:

  1. I also have a second and third machine. I'm always amazed when I get another machine out at some of the things I really like about it. One is quieter, one is simpler, one holds bigger bobbins. If I could just get everything I like about each one rolled into one machine, that would be great!



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