Friday, October 14, 2011

Clucky the Second

My friend rang me today to say that he would call in today rather than on Monday, so I had a mad rush to finish my second Clucky for his son's first birthday present.  As it was I completed the last few tasks as I was sitting at the table talking to him.

I give you Clucky the Second

This one seemed to go together a lot quicker than the first, but I guess everything is easier once you've done it already.  Although I don't think I want to make this again in a hurry.  The tail etc was very fiddly to turn through and there was generally a bit too much fussing for my sewing tastes at the moment.  I was glad to finally make a Melly and Me pattern though.  I've admired their stuff for ages.



  1. Begerk right back atcha, lol! TOO DARLING!!!

  2. Very sweet Karen, you did a great job on these little guys!! I've had trouble leaving messages lately on some people's blogs, including yours, but it seems that Blogger is again behaving itself!!!

  3. They're just gorgeous! Maybe small and fiddly - but worth it! I'm sure the little boy will adore them!

    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  4. Those chickens are so cute. I'm guessing the lucky little boy will love it.



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