Friday, October 28, 2011

I Love Terrain

I've been colour-matching solids with my Terrain pre-cuts.
I love this fabric so much.  If I had any sort of fabric budget at the moment I'd be buying some yardage of my favourite prints before it all disappears.  Sadly I will have to make do with my layer cake and charm square pack.

All those solids come from my stash thanks to the Pink Chalk Fabrics Monthly Solids Club, I've only had to order 3 more to complete the look I want.  I'm using 12 of the fabrics from the pre-cut packs and have concentrated on the blue/purple/green colourways.  This is for next month's project.

Lucky for me, there is still a lot of my layer cake and charm pack left so I can still have lots of fun with this fabric after I finish this next project.

Of course there is every chance that I'll love future fabric releases by Kate Spain just as much, so I guess I shouldn't worry about missing out on beautiful fabric.

How do you buy fabric you love?  Pre-cuts?  One of everything?  Some yardage of a few favourite prints?  I've been buying lots of pre-cuts but thinking maybe I should change my tactics.


  1. As much as I can at the time--if I TRULY love it. I have never regretted that.

  2. Me too, if I truly love it then I buy as much as I can. My problem is cutting into the fabric. I just cant seem to cut into the really good stuff.

  3. I buy yardage for backings, backgrounds, bindings etc but still like to dabble in the pre-cuts to get variety.

  4. I love the vibrant colours and charming prints of your little bundle of fabric!!!! It begs the question, what do you have in mind!?LOL I guess we will just to have and see huh!!!!
    I generally buy Fat Quarter Bundles and then if I really love it, I will choose a couple of the fabrics and get some yardage say, for a border, binding @ sashing then I will try and design something with EQ. Other times I have just bought a charm pack, to put something cute and small together!!! Because I wash all my fabrics I don't buy jellyrolls!



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