Thursday, October 6, 2011

Lets not talk about my Civil War blocks

After my big catch up a few months ago, I've fallen even further behind on my Civil War blocks.  I came across one which I'd cut out wrong but only discovered this when I was sitting at the sewing machine and had half completed it (hadn't yet sewn the wrong piece yet, though).  I got annoyed with myself over it and left them be for a while because I didn't want to think about fixing this block.

The other day I decided I'd better make headway or they'll never get done!  Today I spent some time cutting out blocks and pinning the pieces together.  They can then just sit on my sewing table and they're easy to pick up in the evenings and finish one.

So here are five of them waiting to be sewing together (including the half completed one on the bottom).  That takes me up to the first week in September.


  1. Those bright, cheerful colors would encourage me to finish. You'll be so happy when you do!

  2. Karen I am also behind- but it took me one week to catch up when I was 25 blocks behind. I rather work on them in a batch than every week. I can focus better and then do not have to unpack the fabrics and pack it away again after one day.

  3. That is a very promising looking pile.



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