Sunday, January 30, 2011

Birdie Stitches Block 1

This block was posted at the beginning of the  month, but since I only decided to start it on Friday, I've only just finished it.  Still in time, since there is a whole day left before Febuary starts!

I'll actually be sort of behind with all the blocks since I intend to work on them at my once a month craft days and these usually take place in the middle of the month (or later).

In the background you can see where I've cut up the strips for the rest of the blocks.  I'm going to sew up all the blocks in the next month and then they're ready to go when I want to start the embroidery.  Hopefully then I'll be able to finish each block in the one day.  Yesterday I didn't get it completely finished because I was spending time sewing up the block, tracing the design and binding my embroidery hoop.

Also, I decided the yellow thread I had bought was not really bright enough for the design and the border fabric.  It was too difficult to distinguish it from the cream thread, so today I headed to Spotlight and bought a brighter colour (which you can see the bird done in the picture).

I have put iron-on pellon (Vilene H630) behind the design.  This gives it a nice texture to the stitchery, and also helps to hide the threads in the back when you carry them across the design.  I found it made the whole process much easier, but harder to put my finger on why.  I think I will be doing this (or something similar) for all future stitcheries.  Only thing I have to work out now is how to iron it and get out all those wrinkles around the snowman.  I washed the block in cold water after sewing it because I'd used a wash out marker for the design, but now it all looks a bit crumpled.  Any suggestions?  Or should I not worry about it until I get to putting the whole top together and go to quilt it?

So that's 1 of 12 down.... I can't wait for next month to see the design.  Luckily I will only have to wait a few days to see it, but then I have to wait about two weeks till I can sew it!  I also need to buy a bigger embroidery hoop.  I had to sew the snowman and then move the hoop to sew the bird.  My next hoop up is far too big.

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