Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Years Project

Thanks to a link provided by Margaret, I've decided to take part in a Civil War Quilt block of the week.

I'm not especially into Civil War quilts but I just like the idea of a year long project.  I think being a block per week, rather than per month, means the blocks should be easier and quicker.

My first through of course was "what fabric should I buy for this?", here was a great opportunity to collect some reproduction fabrics.  Instead I realised that I have a lot of fabric that I should use up and it's a scrappy quilt so it's perfect.  So what I intend to do is use bits of fabric from what ever project I am working on that week.  This way, at the end of the year, the quilt will be somewhat of a review of my year's crafting.  I'm really excited about that idea!  Some blocks will be made of the same fabric if I have big projects which take a few weeks, and I guess if I'm not working on anything one week I might just dig into my stash.

I've cut the triangles for the first block and will hopefully get to sew it up tomorrow but wont be able to share a photo until I am home next week.


  1. You might be interested in my mum's antique quilt. It's from 1852, so a decade before the Civil War, but some of the blocks might be similar:

  2. I am tempted to collect my pennies and buy the book that she has published.



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