Monday, January 24, 2011

Civil War block 4: Texas Tears

This block turned out to be a little challenging.  A few other people said they had trouble getting the size right.  One said their block finished up at 8 3/4" square rather than 8 1/2", and another said theirs ended up 8 1/4".  I'd seen this before I started making mine (thanks to the time difference between here and the US) so I went in knowing that I had to be careful with my seams etc.

Mine still didn't come out right, it's more like 8 1/4" x 8 1/2".  I redid one of the seams, but when it came out exactly the same I decided to just live with what I have.  Hopefully I can make up for the slightly short side when I come to do sashings.  Hopefully in a years time I'll remember that the block is a little short ;)

Again the fabric  for this one comes from my music quilt. I really should hurry up and finsh the music quilt so I can select different fabrics for my Civil War blocks ;)  I know I could just dive into my stash, but I'm really going to try and stick to the rule of using fabrics from my project that week.  The fabrics I have chosed aren't necessarily from the part of the project that I'm working on, I believe I finished using those fabrics before Christmas, but they are from the project and I have been working on that project this week.

You can read another Civil War story, and why this block was chosen, here.  Another blogger pointed out that she is calling it Texas Tears because it caused her so much grief is sewing it!


  1. Nice work, I am enjoying following the civil war blocks.

  2. Hello Karen, interesting colourway you are using with the Civil War Quilt....Warm Regards, Lyn



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