Sunday, January 2, 2011


Well here I am in the middle of my holidays.  Haven't had much of a chance to sit at the computer and write about stuff.  Not helped by the fact that I only have the netbook so don't have access to photo editing software.

Christmas was low key but enjoyable.  A little bit of crafty goodness.  My mother gave me some handmade knitting needle rolls for my straight and double ended needles.  She'd made me ones for my crochet hooks and circular needles for my birthday.  Mum also made hubby a great dressing gown, curtains for my brother & his wife, their son and their daughter.  She's been sewing non-stop for the last several weeks!

And now I can share with you the present from my husband!  I got the Cinderberry Stitches BOM complete pattern for Tail Feathers

I love Natalie's design style, but have to admit that whenever I see her patterns it's never quite something I want.  I love the stitchery design but not really interested in the end item (eg a bag), or I love the overall item, but the stitchery is not my favourite.  I usually read the blogs I follow through Google Reader but went to the Cinderberry Stitches page for something and saw the images in the header.  I instantly fell in love with it and had to have it!!

The pattern uses two honey buns for all the piecing.  I already had one of Moda's Clementine (by Me & My Sister) which I got from Green Fairy Quilts, so bought a second from ebay while it was still available.  I'm more into the bright colours at the moment.  I now just need to decide if I want to buy extra from the Clementine range for the bird bodies and borders/binding, or if I will just get something more readily available which blends in.
This is going to be a rather ongoing project I think.  Definitely not going to try and complete it in the 'block of the month' tradition, have too many other things going on.  Also I don't exactly know what I'm going to do with the finished product yet... but I'll deal with that when it's finished.  I'm considering getting this one professionally quilted as I don't feel confident enough in my quilting ability yet, but who knows what will happen by the time I've finished it.

Can't wait to get my fingers into it.... but soooo much to do before I'm allowed to start.

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