Monday, January 31, 2011


I've never really been interested in the hexagon quilting fashion. Not sure why, it just never grabbed me....until now.

I've been following Want it, Need it, Quilt!, and I found out about the Inchy Hexagon Flower Swap. Normally this wouldn't interest me, except for the ever so cute hexagon flower with owls on it that QuiltJane received.

I almost want to sign up (they're taking a few new people), but I really don't think I should commit to anything else so far this year... especially considering I've never done english paper piecing before. Maybe I should make some cute ones for myself and get some practice in, then next year I can join in one of these swaps.

Might add a packet of the paper templates to my shopping list for the next craft show.


  1. Do a search for hextagnal graph paper, you can print off your own online!

  2. The lovely Melody from made that for me. I would love to know where she found the fabric.
    Here is the site for printing shapes
    Thanks for visiting.



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