Tuesday, January 25, 2011

QLD Flood Relief

I know I'm a bit slow on the uptake here... but I got there eventually and I guess that's the main thing

Make it Perfect started an idea which got the whole world crafting, bidding and donating!  Many people in the craft blog world have been having auctions and raffles to raise money for Qld Flood Relief.

The auctions all finished yesterday and I was lucky enough to win Dave the Giraffe from BusyBsewBiz.

Unfortunately due to our current financial situation I couldn't participate in many auctions that I would have liked, the prices just went too high.  Which of course is brilliant for the flood relief effort.  I believe the auctions so far have raised tens of thousands of dollars.

Some other crafty types have been having raffles rather than auctions.  You need to make a $5 donation to the Flood Relief fund and then post your receipt number and you get one entry in the raffle.  This is more in my price range at the moment.  These raffles don't end till midday tomorrow so you've still got a chance if you want to help out the cause.  Of course you can still donate after tomorrow and help the cause, but you just don't stand the chance to win some really cute handmade goods or craft supplies.

Head on over to Make It Perfect's master list of raffles and see if there isn't something that takes your fancy.

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