Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Challenge Yourself - Bonus Edition

Today I saw that Cara Quilts has set a Basics Charity Challenge.  It started because she drove past a women's shelter and saw a sign saying that they needed paper towels.  We sometimes forget about the basic things we take for granted.  It's all well and good to donate lovely things like quilts and softies, but sometimes people need toilet paper and soap more!  (Not that quilts and softies aren't loved when they are received).

Cara has put the challenge out there to drive past or ring a local charity and find out what it is they need, then donate it.  Obviously we can't all just drop by a centre (for example I don't have a car), so you can also donate to a charity online.  She suggests that for Australians that we can donate to the flood appeals etc.

I'm thinking that I might keep true to Cara's first thought, and find a local women's shelter to donate to.  Whilst the flood victims do need lots of support, they have been receiving lots of donations and sometimes the smaller organisations suffer to these kinds of disasters.

So as part of my Challenge Yourself pledge, I'm going to take Cara up on her challenge.  I'm going to find a local support centre which needs support and make a simple donation.  Just have to find out where now.  I'll keep you posted.

Jump over to Cara's page and see what other people have done to meet her challenge, and find out about the giveaway she is offering as part of this challenge.

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