Saturday, February 5, 2011

I'm grateful for...

my slightly muddy laundry and the wet stain on the ceiling in the foyer.

Yesterday evening we had a huge storm passed through Melbourne.  All our westerly facing windows leaked.  The sewing room got a puddle on the window sill, the study and the nursery got a patch of wet carpet as well, and the laundry floor got flooded (a littled crept into the hallway carpet).  Three tiles on the roof came out and so water got into our ceiling at the front of the house.  Luckily my husband got up and replaced them prior to the overnight rain.  The BBQ got flipped over and is probably a lost cause.  Some of our fencing has blown over to a slight angle.

I am grateful that we were one of the luckiest in our street (to my knowledge).

The next door neighbours had a flooded hallway and water running down the pantry walls, as well as their 16' trampoline doing a spectacular jump over the back fence.  Neighbours across the road had half their ceiling collapse in.  I can't imagine the disbelief I would feel if I woke in the morning to find that in my living room.  Of course they would have heard it before they saw it.  Plasterboard and ceiling batts covered their lounges, kitchen and TV.

I am grateful that all the clean up we have is a couple of loads of washing that was on the floor of the laundry, and the towels and clothes which got wet last night during the clean up, and we might have to have a metre of ceiling replaced.

What are you grateful for?  Jump over to Maxabella Loves to see what others are grateful for.

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  1. Now THAT is what 'Grateful' is all about!! You rock, Karen. Glad you all made it through okay. x



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