Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Fabric Delivery

I know I have too much fabric already, but I keep buying more.  My latest excuse is that most of my stash is dressmaking fabrics, and now I'm getting into quilting.

Recently I've purchased the following:

 From Aunt Beas Fabric (now closed) I got a fat quarter pack of It's a Hoot by Momo for Moda

The pack didn't include a full variety of the range, but it's a very usable selection.  I'd been thinking about buying a charm square of the range so I'd get all the prints, but then you lose some of the graphics when you go to such small pieces.  I have plenty of charm packs and jelly rolls in my stash at the moment, so this will give me a challenge to make something out of a fat quarter pack instead.

From Blueberries I got this selection of 12 Days of Christmas fabrics also by Moda.  I had hoped to get the red swirly pattern too but they had sold out (the disadvantage to getting things in the 'specials' bin).  There is still some of this range available around the place so maybe I should hunt up some more.  There is also a version of the ice skaters with more green in the background that I wouldn't mind.

I've made a prototype Christmas decoration out of it so far... but more on that later!

Also from Blueberries, I got these flannels from the Bouncing Baby range.  I haven't made a quilt with flannel before so I thought I'd buy a little bit and have a play.  I'm also conscious of the fact that I buy lots of pretty girly fabric and not much that's suitable for boys, so when selecting this fabric I deliberately chose designs which could be boyish, or at least unisex.

When buying fabric from a range like this, I've always had the problem that I think I don't like some of the fabrics.  I felt I had to LOVE a fabric in order to buy it, so looking at a jelly roll (or similar), there are lots of fabrics that I don't completely and utterly love so I wouldn't buy it.

I've been trying to look past that now, and buy fabrics that blend and work together even if I don't love them.  After all, if I loved all the fabrics in a quilt I'd never see any of them.  Sometimes you need the more subtle, or 'boring' fabrics to bring out the beauty of the amazing ones.  I hope that I'm now achieving a more balanced selection in my stash.  I can't wait to see what I come up with to make use of all this!  But isn't that half the fun of having a fabric stash, dreaming of the potential?

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