Thursday, February 3, 2011

I think I'm a little insane!

Whilst searching around the web, I came across a free BOM from Blue Bird Quilts called Retro Nine Patch.  I really liked it but decided I had too much to do this year already.

After completing my first block of Birdie Stitches last weekend, I'm in love with embroidery again, so tonight I've decided I will take on the Retro Nine Patch.

Although instead of making the blocks 10", I'm going to reduce them down to 5" and just do backstitch instead of chain stitch.  Makes the project a lot more managable.  I'd like to say that I wont go out and buy more thread for it, just use what I have on hand but I wont promise that because I'm not sure what I have on hand.  I'll definitely try to not buy any new fabric for it though!

Also Lyn uses Whisperweft behind her stitcheries, so I might try that in contrast to the pellon I am using for the Birdie Stitches, and see which I like best.

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