Thursday, February 10, 2011

My Creative Space

I've been meaning to join in with this for ages, but never seem to be doing anything on Thursdays or remember too late when I can't be bothered to get the camera out.

But not today!!!

Today I finished my first softie for Mon Petit Poppet's Hope Softies.  Softies are being collected to send to the Qld flood victims.

I also noticed today that monkeemoomoo is having a separate Dolly Drive.  Somewhere in my head I got them mixed up and thought they were the same.

Now I have a dilema..... do I sent my softies to the first, or the second?  Or do I make twice as many softie and send them to both?  I'm going with the second option!

The bear in the photo is actually a pattern I devised and the machine embroidery was my first attempt at making my own embroidery pattern.  I designed that for my old Janome which I have now passed on to my mother-in-law.  If I want to embroidery any more faces (I have a stack in the cupboard done already), I'll have to recreate the design for my Brother machine.

If you enjoy making softies, head over to Mon Petit Poppet or monkeemoomoo and find out details so you can help some of the kids in Qld feel a little special again.

What's taking over your creative space today?  Pop on over to Kootoyoo and see what others are doing today.


  1. Get yourself a copy of Embird, you can convert from JEF to Brother files

  2. welcome aboard - yep it is usually about Sunday when i am feeling organised to post... Sometimes pop one on before and mclinky on thursday at swimming lessons...

    well done good on you for the softies. they will be much hugged.



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