Saturday, February 12, 2011

Challenge Yourself - February

So here is my first monthly challenge for the year -

To hold a market stall before the end of the year!
Photo courtesy of Margaret from A Little Bit of Kaos

I know it's sort of cheating a little since I'd decided a few weeks ago I was going to do this, but here it is in writing so there is no escaping now.

I have a note book specially for the purpose.  I've made notes from a converstation with Margaret of Northside Makers (and A Little Bit of Kaos), I've started a list of things I could be making to sell, I've dedicated a page to each of the local markets I want to check out so I can jot down cost, stall size,  impressions of the market after I've visited, and any other details worth noting.  Hopefully by next month I can report that I've visited at least one of these markets.

How are you going to challenge yourself this month?  If you're joining in, make a blog post and add it to the link list below.

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