Thursday, March 3, 2011

Block Lotto

I've been following the Block Lotto blog since late January but hadn't joined in the February block because it didn't really appeal to me.

The idea is that you make 1-9 of the specified block, fitting into colour requirments etc, and for every block you make you get one entry into the lotto.  At the end of the month they pull out some winners (how many depends on how many blocks were made) and then those winners get sent blocks from all the other people who entered.

How simple is that??

The March block has just been started and it's a really simple block so I figured I should join in.  If nothing else, it's good practice with piecing, and a change to learn new blocks/techniques.  Plus I get to use up some of my stash!

So here are my blocks:

I could only do two because I only had two red fabrics in my stash (and you had to use a different red fabric for each one you entered).  If I acquire any other red fabric during the month I might do another one.

It's called a Disappearing Four Patch.  This is because you start out by making a Four-patch block and then chop it up and re-sew it.  I'd only recently seen this technique done on a Nine-patch block and I think it's fun.  The instructions say to cut 5" squares to start with but I wanted to make sure my block came out the right size so I cut 5 1/4" squares and trimmed the excess of when I'd finished.  I wasn't far off from being right because my blocks were almost exactly 9" square before I trimmed them.

There are a lot of little crossed seams at the back and I eventually worked out how to do it so they all press nicely, but one of the blocks I unpicked are re-did a bit of seam 3 times because I kept pressing the seam the wrong way.  Probably partly due to the fact that I was only finger pressing, because my iron is currently set up in the other room whilst I'm making curtains.

It was actually a really fun, easy block to do and I think I might do more of them for myself in different colours some time.

I like the block so much I'm considering making some cushions out of it... but I guess that will just go on my 'to-do' list for now.

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